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Oh! Nuts Ground Pecan Flour | 2lb Bulk Bag Fresh Keto-Friendly All Natural Nut Meal Substitute for Gluten-Free Baking, Certified Kosher | Fine Pie Crusts, Delicious Cakes, or Topping on Poultry & Fish



Price: $33.00
(as of Jan 02,2021 05:53:36 UTC – Details)

Pecan pie is a Thanksgiving tradition, but who says the rich, deep flavor of Pecans has to be relegated to just once a year. We’ve taken the delicious and heart-healthy pecan and produced a nut flour that is a healthy wheat flour substitute. Ground pecans are Keto-friendly, and our brand of nut meal is always Vegan and certified Kosher. Pecan flour is really versatile and easy to work with in the kitchen. Create aromatic pancakes that deliver protein, fiber, Vitamin E and deep, rich flavor of chopped up Pecans. Pecans ground flour is also useful as a sauce thickener for those on restricted diets who still need their gravy coming out perfect. Whether you are cooking for a loved one who is on a restricted diet (Celiac, Diabetic, Crohn’s Disease, Heart Healthy), or if you and your family have elected to eat healthier (Keto, Vegan, Health Conscious), we are sure you will be delighted to add our fresh, quality Pecan meal to your pantry. Pecan flour, the rich taste of nature’s nuts ground down to its essence and ready to be added to your pantry stash of healthier ingredients for your recipes. Build your immune system, boost your anti-oxidant intake, boost the flavor of your baked goods, all with a sprinkling of Pecan Powder. Add them to your smoothies (shakes taste better with some nut powder), coat your tempe, or create Pecan bars, anyway you use it, you will enjoy the Oh! Nuts fine Pecan flour.

ALL NATURAL WITH NO ADDITIVES: Our stay-fresh bag were minced with its casings on for full health benefits, adding anti-oxidants and vitamins to your recipes
DAIRY FREE PECAN MEAL FOR HEALTHY ALTERNATIVES: Perfect for those on Paleo, Keto, Vegan, Weight Loss, Heart Healthy, Low Glucose, diets or just health conscious
SMOOTH EXTRA FINE GROUND FLOUR: Our nut flours start with the freshest quality Pecans, undergo small-batch grinding of the Pecan with quality control, as well as Kosher supervision
HEALTHIER PANTRY OPTIONS DELIVERED RIGHT TO YOUR DOOR: With the wheat-free flours, rich in protein, fiber and Vitamin E – and tastier, too, with the aromatic pecan pie flavor

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