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HighKey Keto Snacks Baking Mix & Low Carb Cornbread – Gluten Free Biscuit, Muffin Mix & Almond Flour Bread – Vegan No Sugar Added Foods – Grain Free Food – Diabetic, Ketogenic & Paleo Snack – Honey



Price: $10.97
(as of Dec 27,2020 08:08:26 UTC – Details)

Gluten & grain free cornbread: Our gluten free bread mix is made with almond flour which makes for a healthy baking mix alternative. This gluten free baking mix is also soy free & grain free. Our cornbread mix is a healthy substitute for mainstream bread mix, and corn muffin mix. This gluten free cornbread mix makes great as gluten free biscuits mix and gluten free bread mixes. Compare to gluten free baking mixes, gluten free corn bread mixes, and gluten free food products.
Easy to make vegan corn bread: Turn this low carb baking mix into vegan cornbread mix by substituting eggs for avocado, chia seeds, or flaxseed meal and prepare with coconut oil. Enjoy easy to make vegan low carb bread, and vegan keto biscuits straight from your kitchen. This low carb cornbread can be served as a lunch or dinner side as well as a breakfast treat. Prepare as vegan low carb food, compare to vegan muffin mix and vegan bread mix, and vegan biscuit mix.
Low carb alternative & multipurpose: Our HighKey corn bread mix is a great example of bread gluten free, corn bread mixes, keto bread low carb, keto bread mix, no sugar added bread, and keto muffin mix. Enjoy the classic cornbread taste without the unwanted grain, gluten, or extra carbs. Use our keto corn bread mix as a delicious buttery side, carb conscious afternoon snack, or savory dinner muffin. Compare to keto bread mixes, keto friendly baking mix and keto paleo bread.
Healthy muffin mix: Easily prepare as paleo cornbread muffin, cornbread muffins, diabetic bread, keto friendly bread, gluten free biscuits, grain free bread, and healthy muffins. We’re masters in the kitchen and always coming up with new low carb treats. Check out our keto lemon cake, chocolate chip cookies, gluten free bread, keto pancake mix, and low carb snacks, low carb food, paleo breakfast, vegan breakfast, vegan snacks, low carb biscuits, gluten free keto bread and more!

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