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Coconut Flour Organic, 3 lb w/ E Book, Gluten-Free, Raw, Keto, Paleo Friendly



Price: $8.97
(as of Dec 26,2020 10:52:37 UTC – Details)

Welcome to Coconut Country Living & the world’s greatest superfood: coconut, which basks in the delicious sun until it is ready to be harvested by local farmers, dried in small batches at low temperatures. The good people of this island would only make such non-gluten flours non-GMO, since they respect the tropical traditions!
Cookoo for Coconut Flour’s freshness and versatility is unmatched, helping you with healthy food
A great way to please dieters & weight lifters, vegans & vegetarians with nature’s tastiest superfood
Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, with 84% of respondents having chosen Cookoo with its creamy white purity and delightful aroma over other brands that suffer from an orange or brown hue from excess husk particles or less fresh processing, with a 2:1 preference for our baking mix creations. Just give us a try with great selected healthy recipes.
Choose Cookoo for Coconut Flour: It’s good for you, safe for your family, and good for the planet since it naturally comes from raw organic cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil, is hexane free, unbleached, raw, with no artificial, harmful, or GMO ingredients, full of flavor and aroma (but not too strong), certified USDA-organic & “beyond organic” (get your deluxe coconut flour cookbook e-book complimentary with your purchase!)

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