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Krunchy Keto Bar – 2g Net Carb Salty Caramel Nut 1.23 oz (35 gr), 15 Count Box – No Added Sugar – Keto Friendly Snacks



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Product Description

Good GoodGood Good

Krunchy Keto BarsKrunchy Keto Bars

2g net carb

2g net carb

Brand Logo Good Good

Brand Logo Good Good

No Artificial Sweetners

No Artificial Sweetners

Enjoy 15 delicious Salty Caramel Nut Krunchy Keto Bars made with milk chocolate fibres & natural sweeteners. Each bar has 9g of protein, 10g of Dietary Fiber, and a Total Fat of 6g per serving. Easy snack to go!

GOOD GOOD is a European company focused on making healthy snacks that taste great! Our goal is to combine natural flavors along with healthy ingredients to replace your favorite snacks into keto friendly & low carb meals!

Our Salty Caramel Nut Krunchy Keto Bar taste nearly like the real thing! Only with less sugars and daily nutrients. We don’t use any unnecessary flavoring and it is free from malitol. Have a snack bar of chocolately goodness without any of the guilt!

ONLY 2g NET CARB PER BAR. 2g of the total carbs per bar contain calories, due to the inclusion of calorie-free erythritol (polyol Very low net carbs with no sugar added but contains all-natural sweeteners. Fits in your keto diet and does not contain any artificial sweeteners. Net Carbs = Carbohydrates – Dietary Fiber – Sugar Alcohol
KETO-FRIENDLY SNACK – Crunchy keto bar is an indulgent, no added sugar snack, keto-friendly snack, perfect for enjoying at any time of the day as a delicious snack, or a post-workout treat.
GMO FREE, – using high fibre and low carbohydrate ingredients, we have created a delicious crunchy keto bar to keep you full for longer without the sugar rush.
COMES FROM THE LEADING NAME – GOOD GOOD is an European low carb and keto-friendly brand, a trusted name in UK and USA, offering wide selection of products ranging from spreads, syrups and natural sweeteners including stevia and erythritol.

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