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Keto Cocoa – Delicious Sugar Free Hot Chocolate Mix with 6g of MCTs for Appetite Suppressing Ketogenic Diet and Low Carb Lifestyle | No Gluten | 20 Servings



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Product Description

Giant Sports InternationalGiant Sports International

Keto Cocoa is the sweet, keto-friendly hot chocolate drink that will feel like a cheat-meal, without the cheat. Now, you can have the chocolate taste you crave, in a guilt-free hot cocoa that is ready in minutes. And this isn’t your typical sugar-free cocoa. Keto Cocoa is a drink you’ll look forward to, and not only will it curb those sweet cravings, but it will even give you 6g of MCTs to actually HELP you on your diet. So go ahead– take a moment to yourself for some self-indulgence and forget the worry, with Keto Cocoa.

Giant Sports Keto Cocoa Natural MCT Hot CocoaGiant Sports Keto Cocoa Natural MCT Hot Cocoa

Giant Sports keto cocoa keto fudgeGiant Sports keto cocoa keto fudge

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Giant Sports Keto Cocoa frozen hot chocolateGiant Sports Keto Cocoa frozen hot chocolate

KETO-FRIENDLY INDULGENCE- If you are on a Ketogenic Diet, Diabetic or live a Paleo Lifestyle this is the perfect product for you. Keto Cocoa is a rich and delicious hot chocolate drink that mixes effortlessly in just hot water; you really won’t believe that it fits your low carb lifestyle!
EACH SERVING CONTAINS 6 GRAMS OF MEDIUM CHAIN TRIGLYCERIDES- MCT’s are quickly absorbed and create an ideal natural, sustained energy source for your body. Another amazing property of MCT’s is that they contain high anti-oxidant levels and have known anti-inflammatory benefits that support heart & brain health.
MULTIPURPOSE- Keto Cocoa has a sweet, chocolate flavor that can be used as a hot chocolate drink, a coffee creamer, a smoothie additive, and is even good for baking. You can even mix with our Keto Coffee for a delicious mocha coffee with twice the MCTs!
QUALITY IS JOB #1- Keto Cocoa is made in an FDA registered facility in the USA, contains only non-GMO ingredients and is an eco-friendly product. So, you can indulge knowing that this product is both good for you and the planet as well.

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