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Eat Yogurt Every Day For 1 Week, See What Happens To Your Body



  1. Relief From Yeast Infection
    Yeast infections can be pretty annoying. But yogurt will definitely help. Does science support this weird claim? It turns out YES! Studies show significant improvement in yeast infections after women struggling with them started including yogurt in their daily lifestyle.
  2. Forget Your Joint Aches And Pains
    You know the worst part about getting old? It’s not the wrinkles. It’s not getting slower. It’s the aches and pains!
  3. Stronger Immunity And Reduced Cravings
    There is a delicious way to boost your immunity. It involves eating full-fat yogurt! Yogurt is effective against some of the most deadly bacteria and viruses out there. The good bacteria in this delicious food helps to strengthen your immunity. But not just this, there is a high amount of protein in yogurt, which further supports your metabolism by increasing your energy expenditure.
  4. A Happy Stomach
    A good bowl of yogurt in the morning can mark the beginning of a happy day. For chronic digestive issues, eat yogurt daily. You can have it on its own, or even make smoothies. Blueberry yogurt smoothies with a pinch of saffron is super delicious!
  5. A Healthy Colon
    Having regular bowel movements is very important for your health. If you find yourself constantly struggling with constipation and bloating, yogurt can be a lifesaver. Just make sure that your digestive issues aren’t caused by lactose intolerance. That would be a problem.

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