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Why Many Japanese Bathe in the Evening



Japan has a culture that’s always fascinated the rest of the world. We’ve all heard about this country’s unique mix of tradition and futurism. But you’ll be surprised to find out that sumo is NOT the most popular sport there, and it takes mad skill to prepare a “river pig”.

Oh yeah, and bathing is done a little differently than you might be used to. In Japanese culture, the main cleaning routine is done at night, in several steps. Follow closely please to learn everything about this evening ritual and some other traditions and just curious facts about the Land of the Rising Sun.

-First, run a hot bath and hop in…the shower. Next, have a soak in that bath, just long enough to open your pores. Time to head back to the shower for another rinse! Now you’re ready to double-dip – and have a long, luxurious soak in that bath.
-There are public bathhouses called sentos in nearly every town.
-The private Japanese bathroom is an oasis! The tub is deeper than what we see in the West.
-If you’ve been invited to a traditional dinner in Japan, always wait to be told where to sit.
-Chopsticks come with their own set of rules, but remember never to cross them or use them to point.
-In Japan, slurping your soup or noodles is like saying, “This is delicious!”
-One Japanese expression says that their gardens are so small that they’ll fit “on a cat’s forehead.”
-In Japan, you can get your license for a motor scooter or similar small road vehicle starting at age 16, and at 18 for a car.
-Japan drinks about 85% of the coffee that Jamaica exports.
-Baseball tops the list of the most popular sports.
-Japan’s largest airline, All Nippon Airways, has painted Pikachu and other Pokémon on the sides of their airplanes.
-Karaoke translates as “empty orchestra” so you better fine-tune your singing skills.
-The blowfish, or “fugu” in Japanese, is a highly poisonous fish…that nonetheless is eaten as a delicacy.
-Getting caught in the rain without an umbrella is considered foolish.
-About 23% of the population is over 65 years old.
-Japan has 16 national holidays. There are so many crammed into late April and early May that this is referred to as Golden Week.
-Lessons on being kind-hearted, studying hard, and feeling empathy would be a typical kindergartener’s school day.

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