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4 Step Night Time Routine for Clear & Glowing Skin



Every morning, when the day starts, you know very well what to do. You wake up, take a shower, cleanse and hydrate your skin, get dressed…etc. but what about at night?

Do you have a nighttime routine? Or you’re just too tired to do anything more than having dinner and going to bed?
Your skin also needs some love at night and with these 4 quick and easy steps your skin will be clearer than ever.
Want to know how? Pay attention!
Step 1: Cleanse
Before going to bed, cleansing is essential, not only to remove traces of makeup but to also remove sweat and dirt accumulated during the day.
All of these, including stress, affect the skin. So we must take care of it every night by using a natural cleansing gel.
For this, first wet your skin, apply the cleansing gel, massage it in your face and rinse it out with warm water.
You can also try the double-cleansing method for days when you’re wearing heavy makeup.
This method consists in using an oil cleanser first and then a water-based one to fully remove all dirt and makeup residues.
Step 2: Tone
It is necessary to use a facial toner to refresh and calm the skin. This product also helps to eliminate remaining impurities, close the pores and tone the skin.
If you use a purifying tonic you will restore the pH of the skin, hydrate it and the products you apply later will penetrate better into your skin.
Step 3: Treat
Here you can use a facial serum. Serums are products with high concentrations of active ingredients with rapid absorption and penetration.
Depending on the serum you choose you can treat wrinkles, scars, blemishes, redness and swelling.
Step 4: Moisturize
For the night, choose a deep moisturizing formula for your skin type. Moisturizer will help lock in all the good things you have put on your skin and keep it hydrated.

If you are able to follow these steps religious we are sure enough that you will be able to get that glowing and radiant skin.

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