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9 Signs Your Body Needs More Vitamin C



9 Signs Your Body Needs More Vitamin C

Is vitamin C really that important? Can it help prevent things like cancer? How common is vitamin C deficiency? We’re gonna answer all this and more in today’s video, so keep watching until the end.

  1. Nosebleeds
    Nosebleeds are no fun, that’s for sure. Do you get them often? It could just be the fact that the blood vessels in your nose are just naturally weaker than usual, or, it could be a vitamin C deficiency. Vitamin C helps your body produce collagen, which helps to strengthen your blood vessels. The less vitamin C in your body the more likely you are to have weaker blood vessels and if they’re located in your nose, then that’s why your nose bleeds so often.
  2. Odd Shaped Body Hair
    Ok this one is pretty weird, but when’s the last time you’ve checked out the shape of your body hair? Doesn’t matter if you have a lot or a little if it’s growing in weird ways it could be due to a vitamin C deficiency. The most common shapes to look out for are either bent or coiled hairs. This happens because the lack of vitamin C affects the protein structure of the hair. If you catch an odd looking corkscrew shaped hair that’s a pretty key sign, however they’re hard to catch sometimes because the damaged hairs usually just fall out or break off. The good news is that once you replenish your body with Vitamin C this symptom will naturally go away.
  3. Sore, Bleeding And Swollen Gums
    Ouch, this one sounds painful! You might mistake this one for gingivitis in the beginning, but if you have a healthy oral routine and you see no improvement in the health of your gums, it’s probably linked to your vitamin C intake. Again, collagen is something your gums also need to stay healthy, and vitamin C directly contributes to the body’s production of collagen. If your body is lacking your gums can’t heal properly and will continue to bleed. If your gums are swollen, that’s because of inflammation. Vitamin C has antioxidant properties so it can combat this swelling and inflammation, too.
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